Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The Breakdown of the Family

Most psychologists will tell us that the American home is in great danger. They will tell us that the home, as we have grown to know and love it, is deteriorating to the point that our whole society is in danger. Why is this? The basic reason lies in the fact that America is losing its true and wholesome concept of God as our creator and the Bible as our guide. As long as families believed in, and patterned their lives after the principles taught in God’s word, America was strong. It may not be an accident that many of our problems have gotten worse as we lose the Bible concept for the family. God ordained the family and it is only by abiding by the clear teachings of God contained in His word that we will have strong families.

Has America “Outgrown” the Family Concept?
There are times in most every young person’s life, that they get the idea that they have outgrown the ideas of their parents. It may be that America, as a whole, is in that state of mind now, for it seems like there are second thoughts of the standards that we have espoused for many generations. Many today are saying things like, “why marry; what can I get inside of marriage that I cannot get outside of it?” If people would have an appreciation of the Bible, then they would learn and know the truth. Now, even psychologists realize that the stable young person is the one who comes from a loving home with parents who love each other and love their children very much. God arranged that (Colossians 3:18-25). America needs to grow up and get out of the adolescent stage, realizing the values of God have always been and still are the very best.

Questioning God’s Wisdom
The breakdown of the American family is the result of questioning the wisdom of almighty God. From the very beginning of recorded history, and even back to the beginning of time, the home, as God ordained it, has been the foundation and basis of a stable civilization. But now God’s wisdom is being challenged as America says the home is no longer needed. Marriage is said to be foolish. The companionship of a husband and wife, and the security of the children in the home has (they tell us) been over-emphasized. The home is the place where children need to be raised and this is especially important during their first formative years of life. Many parents are leaving their young children to be raised by others, sometimes, complete strangers. God created us, everyone of us (Genesis 1:26)! He knows what is best for His creation and we should never question His wisdom.